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Base Hospital Responds to Mayor’s Announcement

October 3, 2017

The ongoing opioid crisis in the communities served by Sunnybrook Base Hospital continues to be a major public health concern. After a series of opioid overdose-related deaths in Toronto this past summer, Mayor John Tory and Toronto Fire Services committed to training firefighters in management of opioid overdoses.

In 2016, Sunnybrook Base Hospital worked with Toronto Paramedic Services to enhance paramedic training and ensure all paramedics were able to provide lifesaving interventions to patients suffering from opioid overdoses. This latest enhancement to firefighter training ensures that firefighters also have a medically sound approach to help patients with suspected opioid toxicity. As of today, firefighters in Toronto who have completed a 3 hour training program consisting of patient assessment, airway management, ventilation, and naloxone administration may administer intranasal naloxone when airway management alone does not result in patient improvement in cases of suspected opioid toxicity.

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