About Wallaceburg CACC

Wallaceburg CACC building

On April 3, 2014 a new partnership between Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the Emergency Health Service Branch (EHSB) of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) transferred the Wallaceburg Central Ambulance Communications Centre (CACC) to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

Located in southwestern Ontario, Wallaceburg CACC provides ambulance call-taking and dispatch services to the municipality of Chatham-Kent and Lambton County. The CACC also provides fire related emergency call-taking and dispatch services to the 22 volunteer fire departments located in the communities of Lambton County, the Walpole First Nations and the Chippewas of Kettle & Stony Point First Nation. The CACC serves a catchment area of over 6,000 km2 with a population of approximately 270,000.

Land ambulance services in Ontario provide emergency prehospital care transporting patients across municipal boundaries. For many victims of illness or injury, CACCs are often the initial access point to Ontario’s emergency health services system. CACCs prioritize the urgency of requests, determine the appropriate destination hospital to meet patient needs and provide callers with pre-arrival first aid instructions. The centres deploy, coordinate and direct the movement of all ambulances and emergency response vehicles within geographic catchment areas to ensure an integrated seamless healthcare system.

Wallaceburg CACC workstation

The Wallaceburg CACC’s operations began in July of 1990, as a division of the Sydenham District Hospital. In 2008, the CACC moved to a new 6,200-square-foot facility equipped with state-of-the-art communications technology and infrastructure.

At the heart of its operations, the CACC maintains highly skilled Ambulance Communications Officers (ACOs) who prioritize and dispatch resources to a growing number of ambulance and fire related calls received annually. In 2013, ACOs processed over 40,665 calls. Of these, over 21,053 were emergency calls – Code 3 and 4. The call volume increased by 7.55% in 2010, 3.2% in 2011 and 6.55% in 2012.

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