Wallaceburg CACC

Survivor’s Day

In 2013, nine cardiac arrest patients were successfully resuscitated in the Chatham-Kent region. Over 10,000 calls were attended by EMS staff last year, of which 132 were considered sudden cardiac arrests. By the nature of their work, dispatchers frequently miss out on the outcomes of their patients. On June 25, 2014, Emergency Services personnel had the opportunity to meet some of the patients whose lives were so profoundly impacted through their teamwork. As the first step in the chain of survival, a number of Wallaceburg CACC’s Ambulance Communications Officers were recognized at the event, organized by Medavie EMS and the Southwest Ontario Regional Base Hospital Program. Attending this event was a tangible and visible reminder of the importance of the work they do every day. Several staff were able to attend in person, joining their EMS, Fire, Police and Dispatch colleagues in the chain of survival.

Trillium Donor 2013
July – Karla Berkvens, Chris Knazook

Saves 2013
June – Amy Nettleton, Lesley Taylor
July – Amy Nettleton, Ava Williams
September – Lesley Taylor, Dawn Lucier
October – Lynn Brown, Jake Tayler, Jeff Imbroll, Teri Reintjens
December – Amy Nettleton, Lesley Taylor, Rob Stewart, Jake Tayler, Ava Williams, Dawn Lucier

ACO, paramedic and doctor with survivor Yvonne Blair
ACO Amy Nettleton, Yvonne Blair (survivor), Paramedic Beth Durocher, Dr. Paul Bradford

paramedic Tom Millard, ACO Jeff Imbroll, Dr. Bradford
Paramedic Tom Millard, ACO Jeff Imbroll, Dr. Paul Bradford

Firefighter, ACO Ava Williams and Randy Chilcott family
Chatham-Kent Firefighter, ACO Ava Williams, family members of Randy Chilcott