Self Reports

Self-reporting is an important part of paramedic practice.  It equates to professionalism by taking responsibility for one’s own practice and is a form of education through self-remediation. The Base Hospital strives to improve not only individual paramedic performance but also system performance through the clinical audit, self-reports, case review, feedback and educational processes. All processes are linked in order to reach a common goal – to improve patient outcomes.

Self-reports may include, but are not limited to, medical directive variances, documentation omissions, patch failures or omissions, scene time delays, or any challenges a paramedic may encounter while on a call.

Self-reports shall be entered online in the Paramedic Self Report Portal. In the event of a login error, the reports can be emailed to [email protected] to ensure they are received, documented and followed up in a timely manner.

Information in your self-report shall contain:

  1.  Paramedic Service
  2.  Paramedic Name
  3.  Paramedic EHS Number
  4.  Call Date
  5.  Run Number and Vehicle Number
  6.  Call Location
  7.  A Brief Description of the Occurrence being Reported
  8.  Contact Information

You can expect a confirmation acknowledging your self-report has been received. Additionally, there will be some indication of its status: self-remediation evident and closed or whether it has been redirected to the service-specific Paramedic Practice Manager for further review. Any request for call-back will be done by your Paramedic Practice Manager.